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Welcome to The Garden, evergrowing in our mission to create access to quality vegan cannabis products and high-end experiences for the mindful consumer. We create thoughtful and delicious edibles you won't believe are vegan, infused with generational rasta culture and love. In Jamaica, the second home of our founder Kijana Rose, I & I means you are me and I am you - it is with this spirit of oneness that we operate The Garden. Stay tuned, we have so much to share with you in the coming months!

I & I Rose Garden

Growing Wellness


Garden Growth has been amazing! Check out some of our milestones and progress below. We are incredibly close to being fully licensed and operational at our bakery space in Roslindale.

Achieved Economic Empowerment Status
Market Research and Concept Finalization
Pandemic-induced Shift to Vegan Edibles & Product Manufacturing
Friends and Family Capital Raise ($50K)
Retail Location Scouted in Roslindale (January)
Lease Signed, Location at 22 Birch Street Confirmed (March)
Conducted Host Community Meeting (April)
Approval Received from Boston Cannabis Board (May)
Executed Host Community Agreement with Boston (June)
Approval Received from Boston Zoning Board (August)
Submitted Phase 1 License Application (Product Manufacturing) with State (September)
Construction on 22 Birch Began (October)
*Submitting Phase 2 (Retail) License Application (*Projected December 2021)
Opening for Product Manufacturing (Sales to Dispensaries) in Early 2022, followed by Retail ~2-Months later!

22 Birch: Bakery & Apothecary

This is not your local dispensary, we promise you. 22 Birch is going to be a beacon of personalized wellness centered around clean and vegan edibles, as well as a custom infused pre-roll apothecary bar where your physical and spiritual needs will align with your purchase, perfectly.

Meet The Team

Kijana has assembled quite the team for the task ahead, and this is just the beginning! Read a bit about each of our key players and stay tuned for this space to expand as we do.

Kijana is the heart and soul of I&I Rose Garden. Everything about her lived experience has shaped her vision for 22 Birch - and a future seed-to-sale ecosystem expansion. She brings a health and wellness emphasis to everything she does, integrating and emphasizing education and empowered consumerism into product and experience design. She holds two degrees from Northeastern University, including a Master's in Public Health, and is also a practicing yoga teacher trainer and instructor. Her professional experience in the corporate and non-profit worlds have not only prepared her for success as an entrepreneur, but also for building a new breed of business that emphasizes inclusivity, sustainability, and equity in everything it does.

Ryan has been sculpting brand visions and building digital expriences personally and professionally for over 15 years. The base of his experience is in both front and backend website creation as well as extensive utilization of the Adobe Creative Suite to create design elements. Ryan continues to grow his multifaceted digital marketing skillset, recently adding podcast producer and video editor to his list. He has created web, social and video content for B2B and B2C clients including restaurants, small retail shops and a stock-analysis app. Ryan also gratudated from Northeastern University and after a brief stint on the West Coast has returned to join I & I Rose Garden and the Roslindale community full time.

Michaela Duffy is a disruptive collaborator who enjoys building community and systems that work for people (as opposed to institutions that people work for). She’s spent the last 15 years of her career working in government, higher education, workforce development, and consulting on many large-scale innovation and capacity-building projects: everything from project/portfolio management to new market development to strategic planning to executive coaching. She is experienced at working across diverse stakeholders, including government and regulatory bodies, for-profit partners, and grassroots activists alike. Michaela brings both her passion for positive transformation and experiential learning to the cannabis industry, as well as past experience managing an award-winning retail outfit. She holds several advanced degrees and is proud to call Lynn, MA home.

Angela is also a Massachusetts native, having grown up in Walpole and attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for both her undergraduate and graduate studies in Accounting. Now living in Hyde Park, she is pursuing a CPA certification and has over three years of experience in public accounting, having audited a wide array of industries and company structures.

As The Garden Grows

Are you (subscribed) and listening to the I & I Official POTcast yet? Preview below and find it wherever you podcast - we love you for listening!

Grow With Us

Our Investment Opportunity with Mainvest is our first big ask and we know the community is excited to help! With a relatively low target and generous reward structures we see this as a positive and powerful chance for us all to succeed. Check out the site and don't hesitate to contact us with any potential questions. (Think of this campaign as our Holiday sale - give the gift of The Garden this year!)