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Upcoming Offerings: Sun Oct 9 9AM: Flow with Ryan | Mon Oct 10 6:30AM: Flow with Sara

October 2022

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We have introduced yoga classes to our space and are in the process of transitioning all classes to 22 Birch Street by November. We will also be hosting a winter Yoga Teacher Training (certified by the Yoga Alliance) featuring a hybrid remote model running from January through April, check out the Experiences page for our complete schedule & to sign up now


Currently waiting to be placed on our final approval meeting with the Cannabis Control Commission (fingers crossed for October 13th! send good vibes) after which we’ll be able to begin selling infused chocolate chip cookies to your favorite dispensaries. Work for a licensed operater in Massachusetts and interested in wholesale?


Currently waiting to be placed on our provisional approval meeting with the CCC (also hoping for October 13th!) after which we will request an inspection for the upstairs space and wait to get placed on a final approval meeting. After approval we’ll be opening our doors for take-out to start and eventually a full-scale retail operation with in-store readings and mindful experiences to accompany our vegan edibles & pre-roll apothecary

Find Us in Rozzi Square
22 Birch Street Roslindale, MA 02131
Classes & Yoga Teacher Training

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Team I & I aka The Bloggers

Quick Introductions

Into every generation a team of dedicated, creative stoners is born. For I & I that incarnation came in the form of the High Five. Everything began with the inspiration, work & magic of Kijana Rose, founder and CEO who takes culinary ability to new levels daily. She’s always down to share a recipe, talk astrology and review the latest strain she’s smoking. As Kijana’s efforts grew so did her team, leading to the creation of the avengers-style group you see now.

The team includes:

  • Ryan Casale: the eye behind all I & I creative and marketing plus the designer of everything digital. Look to him for 24/7 pop culture nonsense, product recommendations and self-affirming mantras. He goes to therapy and won’t let you forget it.
  • Sara Robertson: the coordinator of chaos wrangling all of the ever-growing I & I task lists and dream goals. Sara is going to share tons of cannabis info because she is a natural born teacher we all need to be grateful for.
  • Angela Driscoll: the I & I money manager, accountant and tax expert for I & I plus the young, cool gen-z friend we all want. Ang will share BTS of cannabis finance, personal finance and maybe even the secret to how she became a land baroness.
  • Shaun Leonard: strategy and sales are the name of Shaun’s game and he is also an impressively advanced yogi. Shaun spent years studying yoga in India and is always happy to share ancient knowledge and wisdom he has gained along the way.
The High Five Founders: Ryan Casale, Sara Robertson, Shaun Leonard, Kijana Rose & Angela Driscoll
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