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A Letter from Kijana
Our story is one of peaks and valleys, climbing the mountain of life, and learning the patience of the goat. It’s a story about perseverance and dedication to a shared mission. And it’s about understanding that you can grow your Garden anywhere, but you will have to tend to every individual flower at some point in the process. I & I Rose Garden came together because I wanted to find a way to channel the parts of life that gave me strength, into something that could be shared. At first, those things were yoga and cannabis. That first year of teaching yoga in my backyard, growing cannabis in my bedroom, building community and sharing ideas with every dreamer that walked in, brought me a sense of curiosity and confidence. As I started to expand my own consciousness, the Garden began to expand as well – in every way. More people, new offerings, and a lot of learning and personal growth. After more than two years of self discovery and building the foundation of I & I, it grew in a big way. Ryan joined the team and a major shift happened. I & I became a truly shared vision, and we started to find its true essence and purpose. Our vegan edibles became known and loved within our community and the path became just a little bit clearer. We grew our team, found investors and a space that would allow us to connect and share with even more people.
We took the vision to the next level when we applied for cannabis licensure in Boston in December of 2020. We continue to grow in every way. Our team of owners has expanded to the High Five, whom you’ll get to know very well via their blog posts and other appearances throughout I & I media. We are still working hard to complete our two licenses here in Massachusetts, and to bring the types of cannabis offerings we’ve envisioned being able to share for so long now. The process has been long and hard, but we know that greatness takes time. Our story is far from over. So much of what we set out to do is still in motion, still working itself out to be ready to share with you. We hope you’ll stay tuned and join us on this journey of wellness and cannabis.
Stay tuned! Xx,
Kijana Rose
Founder & CEO
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