Our Story

the beginning

Your life can be a fun game, if you let it. Sometimes, the universe will throw you one hundred curve balls, forcing strike out after strike out, just to swing you that one glory hit right down the middle. But be careful. Don’t rush the game. If you aren’t patient, you won’t see it coming.

In terms of what I had planned for my own life, the I & I Rose Garden is a complete accident. But by way of what the universe had planned for me, it is perfectly meant to be. Sometimes you have to be fired from your job, spend your last bit of money to visit a random place, and try something new. For me, it was Toronto, a ganja yoga class at a head shop, my first trip to a recreational cannabis dispensary, and some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten in my life. It all just clicked, and I knew for sure that I had to share my enlightenment with the world.

So, welcome to my garden. If you don’t know me, I’m Kijana Rose. I teach yoga at my studio in Boston, I grow my own herb, and I like to cook ital foods inspired by my Rastafarian upbringing. My friends, mom, and the IRG community have helped me create a little space here in Boston to share all of these things with you – in hope to educate, inspire, and empower a new culture of wellness.

This blog will showcase all of the beautiful work that is being done here, the bright flowers that are being grown here, and the delicious food that is being eaten here. Come back for information about workshops and classes, recipes, cannabis and growing updates, new product offerings, and generally dope photos.

at the garden

I & I Rose Garden is a place of healing and wellness. But, to be clear, it all started with a yoga class.

At first, I simply hoped to create a space where like minded people could smoke weed and practice yoga together – two things that I love to do. But, I never wanted anyone to think that because there’s weed involved, we aren’t really doing yoga. Anyone who has this expectation is in for a true surprise.

When you visit the garden for a yoga class, you’re going to sweat. You’ll earn each and every smoke break, the lavender towel in savasana, and all the treats you get to enjoy after class. We take our yoga practice seriously, and we hope you will, too.

know your herbs

Cannabis is an herb that has been used medicinally in the Rastafarian culture, and many other traditional cultures throughout the world. Unfortunately, however, American society has long maintained a mostly racist stigma around the use of the plant for any purpose, though that is finally starting to change.

Now that recreational herb use and cultivation has been legalized in Massachusetts, we have a chance to use the power of cannabis much more intentionally. Every strain of cannabis, whether sativa (energy) or indica (relaxed), presents a unique profile that can offer a range of healing benefits. Cannabis has two active drugs, THC (the psychoactive, head high) and CBD (pain relief), and can be consumed in a multitude of ways other than smoking a joint.

Here at I & I, plants are grown hydroponically with a coco medium and mostly organic nutrients. We grow a variety of plants to support our curated yoga classes and other ganja-enhanced experiences. In general, we use sativa’s and sativa blends during our power flows to bring energy. 50/50 Hybrid blends are used for balance, and indica’s and indica blends are used for restorative yoga and meditation. The goal is to educate participants about the strains being sampled, and why they have been chosen, which could be anything from the emotional or physical effects to the specific terpene profile of a strain.