This is a fascia stretch therapy class and meditation based on the astrological season and the aligned meridian system, organ system, and related body parts. The goal of this class is to stretch deeply while we connect and align the physical body with the cosmic body.

Class is every other Sunday, starting January 7th. (see below for a full class schedule)

Jan 7: Capricorn stretch, gallbladder meridian, skeletal system, bones, knees, skin

Jan 21 + Feb 4: Aquarius stretch, bladder and large intestine meridians, nervous system check in, achilles health

Feb 18 + Mar 3: Pisces stretch, spleen and triple warmer meridians, lymphatic and immune system check in, feet stretch

Mar 24 + April 7: Aries stretch, pericardium meridian, muscular system, head, eyes and jaw

Apr 28 + May 12: Taurus stretch, spleen meridian, neck and throat stretch

May 26 + Jun 9: Gemini stretch, lung meridian, respiratory system, hands and arms stretch

Jun 30 + Jul 14: Cancer stretch, stomach meridian, digestion focus

Jul 28 + Aug 11: Leo stretch, heart meridian, cardiovascular system, spine and back stretch

Aug 25 + Sep 8: Virgo stretch, small intestine meridian, solar plexus stretch and cleanse meditation

Sep 29 + Oct 13: Libra stretch, spleen and kidney meridians, endocrine system, kidney health check

Oct 27 + Nov 10: Scorpio stretch, bladder and large intestine meridians, reproductive system focus

Nov 24 + Dec 8: Sagittarius stretch, liver meridian, hips, quads and sciatic stretch