Her HighList: Canna-Playlist #1

Angela Driscoll (I & I CFO)

Music and cannabis go hand in hand. The first recorded history of cannabis use by humans can be dated back to 2800 BC, while evidence of cannabis’s existence can be dated back even farther. Similarly, music has recorded history for thousands of years as well. I could regurgitate studies and information regarding the two found online, but history is not my strong suit. My point here is that both music and cannabis have been around and used by humans for quite a long time. Both allow people to experience things in a different way than usual. Adding music or cannabis can have an affect on your perception of the environment and situation that you are in. But also, when combined, music and cannabis can enhance the experience of one another significantly.

I first started using cannabis in high school, but it wasn’t until college that I really started to smoke consistently. I made some of my very best friends at that time and we lived together throughout our college years. With these friends, in our crappy little apartment at the time, we pulled together an eclectic playlist of songs that we would consistently listen to while partaking in our cannabis adventures.

When I told these friends that I was going to be writing this blog post and sharing the playlist, they were so excited because it has been such a journey for us to create and listen together and we hope that you enjoy in the same way that we have. While none of us particularly remember exactly how the playlist came to be, we all can agree that everytime we would be passing joints around, there would come a point where someone would say: “Should we put on the high playlist?” and we would all collectively agree that we were ready. It was our little ritual.

Also, as a warning, when I say this playlist is eclectic, I really mean it. There are some strange songs on it, many of which I have never heard outside of being high and listening to this playlist specifically. But it is so fun to experience each song and allow yourself to flow with the playlist. I have a lot of love for these songs and am excited to share with you all.

OG High Playlist

Going forward, as we start to introduce more products at I & I, I am going to periodically release playlists related to certain products. So while this playlist is fairly broad, in the future they will be more specifically related to the certain strains and products. I would love to hear your thoughts and music suggestions, so please reach me on Instagram!!


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