Empowered Cannabis Consumer Course (NEW)

It’s time you learn the facts about cannabis…

Cannabis is so much more than what we’ve been taught, the secrets of this magical herb are unknown to many…but they don’t have to be to you. If you want to learn more about the uses, history, science, methods of enjoyment and regulatory environment of this last “cash crop,” from a true Social Equity entreprenuer in the field, no less, this is the course for you! Learn all about the industry from cannabusiness CEO Kijana Rose of I & I Rose Garden.

Please enjoy a small preview of our Empowered Consumer Course, designed to teach absolutely anyone about the basics, common misconceptions, legal barriers and current climate of the U.S. cannabis industry as it exists now.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

Modules 1-3 are focused on orientation, the history of cannabis (through the ages, the powers behind prohibition, and the legal movement today), and exploring the various forms of mainstream consumption (including the difference between medical and recreational dispensaries).

Modules 4-6 will drill down into the specifics and nuances of understanding:

The Science – Our bodies, public health, and the future of research

The Law – Regulations, legalization, and the social equity movement

The Market – Investing, entreprenuership, and advocacy

Learn about the plant, the emerging industry, and your role as an empowered consumer at your own pace
The EC course is downloadable as a single video file giving you the freedom to enjoy it binge-style whenever you please. Accompanying the video lessons are PDF supplementals with notes and questions for review. Enjoy lifetime access of this course upon download and look for more exciting learning opportunities from I & I Rose Garden coming very soon.

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