Category: Garden Ongoings

  • licensing update (a lesson in equity)

    licensing update (a lesson in equity)

    I’ve missed updating all my flowers! But a girl has been WORKING! I’m not going to front, the licensing application has had me a little backed up. It’s not terrible, it’s not impossible, but it does feel unnecessarily complicated at times. So far, I’ve completed one of four packages – a background check. Pretty standard […]

  • goddess series recap

    goddess series recap

    Our Goddess flows throughout March were a powerful reconnection to the divine feminine energy that ignites our Universe. Keep reading for a recap of their stories, and a peek into some of the important learnings that were offered through their stories. We started March with Mother Goddess Nammu, the original creator. From the cosmos, Nammu […]

  • power of the rose

    power of the rose

    The Rose is an age old symbol, noted in stories and texts from ancient times as a token of admiration, compassion, and consciousness. Over one hundred species of roses invite love, natural beauty, and joy into any space they inhabit; but beyond their aesthetic, roses offer incredible healing properties within the petals, hips, leaves and […]