I & I Rose Garden | Summer 2022

ANNOUNCING: Summer Preview Bake Sales

While we finish up the licensing process we’re utilizing the shop space at 22 Birch Street to show off our baking skills and get some delicious (non-infused!) treats into your hands while we all wait. Just a fun way to stay in touch and get everyone excited for our goodies coming very soon to dispensaries near you. Order ahead below or drop by, we’ll be opening on Saturdays at 9am and staying until we sell out! We’re so excited to see you all.
Xx, Team I & I

DIRECTIONS: Pre-order from the menu for 7/16 below up until 8:45am on Saturday then drop by for pick up at 22 Birch Street in Roslindale. Please pick up all pre-orders by 2pm. Walk-ins welcome beginning at 9am!

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