Infused Prepared Trays (Catering Style | By Appointment)


Holiday dining all year long my friends! You’re having friends and family over and the stress of coordinating is ENOUGH, let US do the cooking! Plus, who wouldn’t love to infuse their gathering – have a little fun and loosen everyone up, know what we mean? We know you do. Our prepared trays are all dosed at 200MG and include 5 servings. Simply choose a tray, load up your cart with as many as you need, and repeat for each tray you’re interested in purchasing – then we’ll reach out to coordinate a pick-up after purchase. Check out the full menu of options below and get to planning!


apricot-glazed cauliflower “wings”

avocado egg rolls

Jamaican veggie patties


Italian stuffed shells

spinach pie w/caramelized shallots

buffalo mac & cheese


peanut butter fudge

chocolate chip cookies

fruit crumble


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