1/29 Money Manifestation Power Flow | 8PM


1/29 | 8-9:15 PM (Week 3)

New year, new us and that extends to our bags, y’all. To get us in the right headspace this January we are hosting a MONEY MANIFESTATION series that combines our Power Flow class with strong themes and mantras aimed at increasing your abundance. Bring on the cash, universe. Our flow is challenging but rewarding (~75-minutes) and includes squats, core, an extended balance series, floor stretches, and extended savasana. Throughout the series we will work towards extended 8 angle and the flow will vary each week.


To make the most out of this experience we recommend attending each class in the series as they will build in power as we go however that is not a requirement – feel free to join in when you can. Class itself can be completely cannabis-free or see optional upgrades for the experience below – we can’t wait to see you and grow our money-making energy together! As always we are maintaining a completely clean and safe environment with extra procedures in place to ensure Covid-free exercise and relaxation. Finally, with the cold weather creeping in we have taken classes down a few slots and added heated floors to ensure everyone is happy & comfortable!


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