1/17 Smoke & Stretch: Shoulders, Chest & Heart Openers | 10AM


1/17 | 10-11:15 PM

Smoke & Stretch is a 60 minute stretch and meditation that aims to offer complete fascia healing. In addition to self and assisted stretching, students will learn how to address pain issues along the sixteen main meridians, by isolating specific areas of the body and using stretches that address the entire organ, and not just one area of pain. Class itself can be completely cannabis-free or see optional upgrades for the experience below.

Focus: Shoulders, chest and heart

We will end the class with a short guided meditation to enhance the emotional aspect of the fascia release, while the stretching will address the physical release. As always we are maintaining a completely clean and safe environment with extra procedures in place to ensure Covid-free exercise and relaxation. Finally, with the cold weather creeping in we have taken classes down a few slots and added heated floors to ensure everyone is happy & comfortable! 


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