For all group classes, please check the schedule! In addition, we love hosting private events, curated with love and guaranteed to make each guest feel as absolutely important as they are.

Private Cannabis Yoga – [75 min; $65 pp] – These can be individual sessions or group classes, and are always curated to match the vibe of our guests. Everything is customized for the guest(s), from the flow format, to the sample strains, to the ital menu and infused goodies.

Cannabis Yoga & Infused Massage – [90 min; $150] – This offering is customized to address the guest needs. All bookings will require a consultation.

Mind / Body / Soul Coaching [8 weeks; $777] – includes a weekly diet, exercise and meditation plan, customized for each client to address individual goals and challenges. Requires a 120 minute consultation. One-day juice cleanses will be offered throughout the program, in congruence with the chakra clearing and balancing that the program is centered around.

[9 months; $999] Includes a monthly diet, exercise and meditation plan with weekly check-ins. This maintenance plan can only be accessed after the 8 week MBS coaching program, and is specifically designed to assist clients in making a full lifestyle shift with complete support, guidance, and access to I & I resources. Optional juice cleanses will be offered throughout, as needed.

[1 Day Cleanse; $55] Includes three 12 oz. juices, a detox shot, and an herbal tea blend. Customized meditation plan in alignment with cleanse intention. Only available to current or former coaching clients.

Private Crystal Gridding Workshop [2 hours; $999 min.] – includes workshop, meditation, cleansing ceremony, cannabis offerings, and gift bags for up to 9 guests (additional guests can be added).

Enhanced Bridal Beauty Bar [all day booking; pricing upon request] – A shower for the Goddesses, this offering will leave guests in a state of euphoria and bliss. We will curate a weed, juice, and food bar for you and your guests. Beauty services include facials, hand and feet scrubs, hair masks, and yoni steams, all using handmade, natural beauty products.

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