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  • Why I Coach

    Why I Coach

    Recently I added my coaching programs with corresponding cleanses to our Shop so I just wanted to re-share my inner journey towards crafting these experiences. I hope after reading you connect with my mission for coaching and explore one of the programs with me, it is truly a transformative experience for us both. I recall […]

  • Exploring the Taurus New Moon: 4/22/20

    Exploring the Taurus New Moon: 4/22/20

    Blessed New Moon, my friends! Today’s Taurus New Moon promises to support our deepest desires, but only if we’re willing to fuck some shit up first. It’s Taurus season, and that means it’s time to ground in. Taurus is a most stable Earth sign, ruler of assets and resources. Taurus loves to indulge in the […]

  • Meditations & Mantras for the Lunar Eclipse and Cancer Full Moon

    Meditations & Mantras for the Lunar Eclipse and Cancer Full Moon

    My friends! Just like that, another full moon is approaching, and this one is a banger. On Friday, January 10th not only does the Moon hit her 100% meter for the monthly lunar cycle, we will also experience a penumbral lunar eclipse as the Earth transits between the Sun and Moon, creating an (almost) straight […]

  • 5 ways to love yourself through this Eclipse season

    5 ways to love yourself through this Eclipse season

    My friends! Eclipse season is upon us – the first of two happened early this morning, with the New Moon. This was a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn.  Eclipses happen when the Moon orbits in between the Sun and the Earth, causing part of the sun or the moon to be completely shaded out. In […]

  • Cleansing for Clarity

    Cleansing for Clarity

    Hello, beautiful reader. Welcome to a short story in life lessons, as learned by me – Kijana. A few weeks ago, my spirit siblings and I got together to meditate for the full moon. We met in Sila’s goddess lair, and invited our inner children to join us so we could shower them with loving […]

  • potstickers recipe – a must try!

    potstickers recipe – a must try!

    I never thought that I would enjoy cooking as much as I do. I remember one evening when I was in high school, I walked into the kitchen while my mom was cooking dinner and said, “Ma, you need to teach me how to cook so that I can make a man happy someday.” She […]

  • learn more: drying v. curing

    learn more: drying v. curing

    So many ask what the difference between drying and curing is, and it took me awhile to understand the important difference between the two! Drying happens after you cut the plant. The goal during this 6-10 day period is to remove as much moisture as possible, making it smokeable. (Sidebar: you can wet trim the plant […]

  • power of the rose

    power of the rose

    The Rose is an age old symbol, noted in stories and texts from ancient times as a token of admiration, compassion, and consciousness. Over one hundred species of roses invite love, natural beauty, and joy into any space they inhabit; but beyond their aesthetic, roses offer incredible healing properties within the petals, hips, leaves and […]

  • happy birthday, legend

    happy birthday, legend

    When I was a kid growing up, my mom had this huge picture of Bob Marley hanging up in our house – first in the living room, and eventually in the staircase leading to her bedroom. It was a picture of Bob singing at a concert, and I remember that he had on a yellow hat, […]

  • garden growings: purple trainwreck

    garden growings: purple trainwreck

    Purple Trainwreck is about a week away from harvest! I couldn’t be more excited to share this strain with you. She is currently stinking up the studio in the best way – heavy grape and sweet berry vibes! And she sure isn’t bad to look at! Believe it or not, I almost threw this plant […]