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  • introducing the Winter Supper Club

    introducing the Winter Supper Club

    Elevated and upscale custom culinary experiences enhanced with ganja and mindfulness The Winter Supper Club is a brand new, exclusive offering coming to the Garden in January! During the first months of the year, we will be hosting infused dinner parties at the Garden, throughout the Boston area and beyond! The four unique menus will […]

  • Visit the Updated Shop!

    Visit the Updated Shop!

    You’re going to love it, just click.

  • 2020 Vision for the Garden

    2020 Vision for the Garden

    Hello, friends! 2020 is here and in case you haven’t gotten the memo, this year is about to be LIT. Energetically and astrologically speaking, there are some big events taking place this year to help bring all our manifestations to fruition. We’ve been working hard for a few years now to get our mind, body […]