The Art at 22 Birch Street

A message from the artist, John Monteiro (

“Thank you for viewing my work. What you are seeing is the culmination of seventy years of practice, determination and focus. Not being able to afford a full time art school education, I had to settle for evening, Saturday and summer classes. I also readily accepted the tutelage from friends that did have degrees in fine art, while supporting myself with full time employment. This made it all the more rewarding when my work was recognized and purchased by serious collectors. I didn’t need much coaxing when told to continue pouring my very being into my work. That drive was inherently born within me. When starting a large, detailed pen and ink drawing or scratchboard etching, my spirit is elevated to a point that I just want to burst with joy and laughter. A challenge I know I’m going to win. These pieces of art are for your personal enjoyment. Each drawing is copy written so I ask that you please not take photos or touch them. For information on obtaining reproductions please visit

Artphrazeology Key

  1. Let her rip
  2. Driving while black
  3. Never look a gift horse in the mouth
  4. Barking up the wrong tree
  5. Board to death
  6. Jumping the gun
  7. The jig is up
  8. Loose cannon
  9. Making a scene
  10. You drive me nuts
  11. Head over heels
  12. Par for the course
  13. Goodie two shoes
  14. It’s not brain surgery
  15. It’s written all over your face
  16. Back to square one
  17. Everything but the kitchen sink
  18. Hang in there
  19. Brownie points
  20. Lickity split
  21. Fit as a fiddle
  22. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
  23. Takes two to tango
  24. What am I chopped liver?
  25. A shot in the dark
  26. Close but no cigar
  27. Booze cruise
  28. Read em and weep
  29. Stool pigeon
  30. Age before beauty
  31. Scott free
  32. Quality time
  33. Cat got your tongue
  34. Blonde bomb shell
  35. Dropping like flies
  36. Diamond in the rough
  37. In a pickle
  38. Loose lips sink ships
  39. Money doesn’t grow on trees
  40. Dime a dozen
  41. Cup of Joe
  42. Surfing the net
  43. Square meal
  44. Neck n neck
  45. Right out of the gate
  46. Down for the count
  47. Never harm a fly
  48. Apple a day keeps the doctor away
  49. Like father like son
  50. Quick on the draw
  51. Fender bender
  52. Every cloud has a silver lining
  53. A house divided against itself cannot stand
  54. Bats in your belfry
  55. Up in arms
  56. Snake in the grass
  57. Couch potato
  58. Roll with the punches
  59. I heard it through the grape vine
  60. Making a mountain out of a mole hill
  61. Fight fire with fire
  62. Tough pill to swallow
  63. Chip on your shoulder
  64. Back seat driver
  65. Curiosity killed the cat
  66. Fair in square
  67. Beating around the bush
  68. Bone dry
  69. Crying over spilled milk
  70. Right under your nose
  71. Mind reader
  72. Jack of all trades master of none
  73. Wild goose chase
  74. Playing the race card
  75. Reap what you sew
  76. Elephant in the room
  77. Pipe down
  78. Throw in the towel
  79. Chick flick
  80. Ring any bells
  81. Out on a limb
  82. Nip n tuck
  83. I smell a rat
  84. Hitting the hay
  85. Happy as a clam
  86. Ace in the hole
  87. Keep your eyes peeled
  88. Son of a gun
  89. Cold turkey
  90. Between a rock and a hard place
  91. Sleep tight
  92. Ships passing in the night
  93. Two down one to go
  94. End of story
  95. Basket case
  96. Two’s company three’s a crowd
  97. Knuckle down
  98. One sandwich short of a picnic
  99. Piece of cake
  100. Spill the beans
  101. Air kiss
  102. Spelling bee
  103. Slap you silly
  104. My cup runneth over
  105. I’ll eat my hat
  106. A baker’s dozen
  107. Snug as a bug in a rug
  108. Five o’clock shadow
  109. On cloud nine
  110. Hitting below the belt
  111. There’s no I in team
  112. Tongue in cheek
  113. An arm and a leg
  114. Three sheets to the wind
  115. Lame duck
  116. Making ends meet
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