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  • Terpene Focus: Terpinolene
    The richness of a meal that has been prepared with herbs like sage, rosemary, nutmeg, and cumin reach your soul through your nose and give you a hug. A key reason for that is the terpene called terpinolene. This naturally occurring chemical compound is a crucial background player that provides so many benefits like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.1 There has been some research to suggest that terpinolene is a sedative however it seems only when in isolation. When paired with THC, it appears to act as a stimulant and is often found in sativa strains. The more researched aspect … Read more
  • Her HighList: Canna-Playlist #1
    Angela Driscoll (I & I CFO) Music and cannabis go hand in hand. The first recorded history of cannabis use by humans can be dated back to 2800 BC, while evidence of cannabis’s existence can be dated back even farther. Similarly, music has recorded history for thousands of years as well. I could regurgitate studies and information regarding the two found online, but history is not my strong suit. My point here is that both music and cannabis have been around and used by humans for quite a long time. Both allow people to experience things in a different way … Read more
  • A Note on Gratitude
    Hey, friends! Life has been such a whirlwind these last few months, and I’ve been gathering some thoughts that I really want to share with you. First and foremost, I say “life has been a whirlwind” and I want to clarify what that means, in no uncertain terms: life has been hard as hell these last few months! I think know that people see my life mostly via Instagram posts and they can’t help but assume that my reality is super dope, all of the time. But most of what I share with you on social media platforms is created for marketing … Read more
  • Terpene Focus: Limonene
    One of my favorite scents is citrus. Lemon, grapefruit, tangerine. I used citrus-scented products for lotion, perfume, candles, dish soap, face scrubs, and trash bags. In fact, I have a core memory of truly beginning my yoga journey by walking into a studio and my nose being greeted with the crisp refreshing aroma of lemon that I could only equate to walking into a fancy spa which eventually inspired me to want to create that kind of space for myself and for others.  I simply cannot get enough. And a big part of that is the terpene limonene.  Limonene is … Read more
  • Yoga for Kids
    Parenting in today’s world is full of challenges. It’s not uncommon for parents to feel overwhelmed by their busy schedules and seemingly endless responsibilities. But, it is uncommon for us to think about how the demands of parenthood may also be overwhelming for our children. Our little people are strong and resilient, but they are often influenced by stressful situations just as much as big people.   Many adults practice yoga for stress release and relaxation. Is it possible yoga could benefit our youth too? The answer to that question is: Absolutely. Research shows that practicing yoga fosters a sense … Read more
  • Caryophyllene (Terpene Focus)
    Caryophyllene is our next featured Terpene. As previously mentioned, terpenes are the aromatic (naturally occurring) chemical compounds found in plants and some animals. These compounds give lemons their lemon-y flavor or lavender their dreamy flowery scent.  Caryophyllene is a special terpene because it is the only terpene to also be a cannabinoid which means that not only does it have the terpene effects of adding to the flavor and the smell, being a cannabinoid means that it also contributes to the psychoactive effects of cannabis.1  This magical chemical compound is the oldest researched terpene due to its many therapeutic properties.2 … Read more
  • Free Brittney Griner!
    We need to talk about Brittney Griner. If you haven’t heard by now that she’s been sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison for drug possession, I recommend you do some background research to catch yourself up. She’s been detained since February of this year, and is now being sent to a penal colony to do hard labor and fulfill her prison sentence. The United States and President Biden have made some attempts to get Brittney and another American home through a prisoner swap with Russia, but they’ve not been successful. News articles claim that US officials have recently … Read more
  • Myrcene (Terpene Focus)
    B Today we are going to talk all about Myrcene! Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic chemical compounds found in plants and some animals.1 Terpenes are responsible for giving cannabis strains their distinct odors and flavors.  Myrcene is one of the more popular terpenes, found in over 200 species including lemongrass, mango, hops, and cannabis.2 This terpene has been examined for its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Those who prefer myrcene heavy indica strains (strains containing “more than 0.5% myrcene” are categorized as indica) describe the experience as “couch-lock.” It … Read more
  • Just Keep Growing (As The Garden Grows)
    Description: New Growth aplenty this week as Kijana Rose and Ryan Casale return to detail the anticlimactic product manufacturing final approval vote (after a week to cool down) along with some new previously undisclosed hurdles to jump, of course. On the bright side there were also some milestones achieved and I & I Rose Garden is closer than ever to launch! Kijana and Ryan also announce a slew of new programing and offerings from Team I & I so be sure to listen for all the updates PLUS a look into the astrology transits of the week in the Starcast. … Read more
  • Empowered Cannabis Consumer Course (NEW)
    It’s time you learn the facts about cannabis… Cannabis is so much more than what we’ve been taught, the secrets of this magical herb are unknown to many…but they don’t have to be to you. If you want to learn more about the uses, history, science, methods of enjoyment and regulatory environment of this last “cash crop,” from a true Social Equity entreprenuer in the field, no less, this is the course for you! Learn all about the industry from cannabusiness CEO Kijana Rose of I & I Rose Garden. Please enjoy a small preview of our Empowered Consumer Course, … Read more
  • Notes on Blending Herbs
    I honestly believe medicine grows on trees. And in flowers. Shrubs, bark, even the roots in the dirt – I’m positive they all can be medicine. It helps if you know where to look and what to look for, though. Wanting to know the secrets of plants is part of the reason I’ve been studying and working with herbs for the past several years. I got the original inspiration to blend herbs with weed in Toronto (like so many other things I’ve built this business on…). I was in the cutest little head shop, it had a new age Tokyo … Read more
  • The Art of 22 Birch Street
    A message from the artist, John Monteiro (IG: @john_monteiro_fine_art | “Thank you for viewing my work. What you are seeing is the culmination of seventy years of practice, determination and focus. Not being able to afford a full time art school education, I had to settle for evening, Saturday and summer classes. I also readily accepted the tutelage from friends that did have degrees in fine art, while supporting myself with full time employment. This made it all the more rewarding when my work was recognized and purchased by serious collectors. I didn’t need much coaxing when told to … Read more
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