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  • Why I Coach
    Recently I added my coaching programs with corresponding cleanses to our Shop so I just wanted to re-share my inner journey towards crafting these experiences. I hope after reading you connect with my mission for coaching and explore one of the programs with me, it is truly a transformative experience for us both. I recall sitting in a conference room in Belvidere, a NU building, some time around the fall of 2016, or so. I had been invited to join this small, (kind of exclusive, kind of exciting) Network Leadership team that the University was testing out. The group was […]
  • Exploring the Taurus New Moon: 4/22/20
    Blessed New Moon, my friends! Today’s Taurus New Moon promises to support our deepest desires, but only if we’re willing to fuck some shit up first. It’s Taurus season, and that means it’s time to ground in. Taurus is a most stable Earth sign, ruler of assets and resources. Taurus loves to indulge in the divine pleasures of life because she knows she worked hard to enjoy every single thing. Taurus season is about working smarter, not harder. It’s a time to remember the long game, and stack up accordingly. Over the next few days, while she is still new […]
  • Meditations & Mantras for the Lunar Eclipse and Cancer Full Moon
    My friends! Just like that, another full moon is approaching, and this one is a banger. On Friday, January 10th not only does the Moon hit her 100% meter for the monthly lunar cycle, we will also experience a penumbral lunar eclipse as the Earth transits between the Sun and Moon, creating an (almost) straight line of the 3 planets. It’s a full moon in Cancer, so this day is likely going to bring forth some big emotions. In general, eclipses are a time where something from the shadow is brought forward to the light. A full moon usually signals […]
  • 5 ways to love yourself through this Eclipse season
    My friends! Eclipse season is upon us – the first of two happened early this morning, with the New Moon. This was a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn.  Eclipses happen when the Moon orbits in between the Sun and the Earth, causing part of the sun or the moon to be completely shaded out. In today’s case, part of the Sun is being eclipsed by the darkness of the New Capricorn Moon. The power of the New Moon eclipsing the New Sun is fierce, and this exact transit is one in a series of Capricorn/Cancer eclipses, which began in July […]
  • introducing the Winter Supper Club
    Elevated and upscale custom culinary experiences enhanced with ganja and mindfulness The Winter Supper Club is a brand new, exclusive offering coming to the Garden in January! During the first months of the year, we will be hosting infused dinner parties at the Garden, throughout the Boston area and beyond! The four unique menus will each only be offered for one weekend, and include a three-course infused meal + dessert, infused drinks, and diverse weed pairings to smoke throughout the evening. Each menu was created to highlight recipes that will be included in the book, and many of which are […]
  • Visit the Updated Shop!
    You’re going to love it, just click.
  • 2020 Vision for the Garden
    Hello, friends! 2020 is here and in case you haven’t gotten the memo, this year is about to be LIT. Energetically and astrologically speaking, there are some big events taking place this year to help bring all our manifestations to fruition. We’ve been working hard for a few years now to get our mind, body and soul in alignment. This is the year where we step into a more authentic version of that alignment, and if we expand pragmatically we will access our abundance. There’s no time to waste, but also, no way to waste time! Every single thing you […]
  • Cleansing for Clarity
    Hello, beautiful reader. Welcome to a short story in life lessons, as learned by me – Kijana. A few weeks ago, my spirit siblings and I got together to meditate for the full moon. We met in Sila’s goddess lair, and invited our inner children to join us so we could shower them with loving affirmations. Our energy was playful, but purposeful. As we set our intentions for the cycle ahead, we all agreed to love ourselves unconditionally. It’s a commitment I’ve made to myself many times before – but this time, witnessed by two beings I truly love unconditionally, […]
  • licensing update (a lesson in equity)
    I’ve missed updating all my flowers! But a girl has been WORKING! I’m not going to front, the licensing application has had me a little backed up. It’s not terrible, it’s not impossible, but it does feel unnecessarily complicated at times. So far, I’ve completed one of four packages – a background check. Pretty standard stuff. Still outstanding is a lengthy package involving community/host agreements, and a shorter package where I’ll outline my business plan. (Last package is a payment.) Some of the questions seem basic enough (i.e. “present your proposed timeline for opening”), whereas others have me going “WTF?!” […]
  • goddess series recap
    Our Goddess flows throughout March were a powerful reconnection to the divine feminine energy that ignites our Universe. Keep reading for a recap of their stories, and a peek into some of the important learnings that were offered through their stories. We started March with Mother Goddess Nammu, the original creator. From the cosmos, Nammu cultivated her energy to create An, the Sky God. Later, she created Ki, the Earth Goddess. Her wish was that her godly children would be an even greater version of herself, and she empowered them to cultivate their own power to expand the potential of […]
  • potstickers recipe – a must try!
    I never thought that I would enjoy cooking as much as I do. I remember one evening when I was in high school, I walked into the kitchen while my mom was cooking dinner and said, “Ma, you need to teach me how to cook so that I can make a man happy someday.” She turned around and said, in the calmest voice, “Kijana, you are no longer welcome in my kitchen.” I’m pretty sure I laughed for days, and didn’t turn on a stove on for about ten years after that.  But I love cooking for my yogis! If […]
  • learn more: drying v. curing
    So many ask what the difference between drying and curing is, and it took me awhile to understand the important difference between the two! Drying happens after you cut the plant. The goal during this 6-10 day period is to remove as much moisture as possible, making it smokeable. (Sidebar: you can wet trim the plant as soon as you cut it, or dry trim it, as I do, after it has hung for the dry period.) (Double sidebar: you can over-dry the plant by removing all moisture, so it’s important to check on your drying plants frequently to make sure […]
  • power of the rose
    The Rose is an age old symbol, noted in stories and texts from ancient times as a token of admiration, compassion, and consciousness. Over one hundred species of roses invite love, natural beauty, and joy into any space they inhabit; but beyond their aesthetic, roses offer incredible healing properties within the petals, hips, leaves and stems.  Rose petals contain a gentle astringent, making them ideal for skincare, as they will help cleanse and nourish your skin. Oil pressed from rose petals vibrates at 320hz, highest of all essential oils, promoting high frequencies of healing through topical application and aromatherapy.  Rose hips, […]
  • recipes from the garden: ingredients for sleep
    Last week I shared some I & I Sleepytime Tea after our candlelight practices. Even without the cannabis, this blend is an easy way to guarantee a great nights rest. The chamomile and lavender are extremely calming, and lemon helps to prevent insomnia. Valerian root is a natural anxiety reducer and sleep aid, as well as catnip. The rose petals are rich in Vitamin C, and help, along with the cannabinoids, to reduce any aches and pains. If you’re making a pot for you and others, use a tablespoon to measure your ingredients (~6 cups). If it’s just yourself, use a teaspoon […]
  • happy birthday, legend
    When I was a kid growing up, my mom had this huge picture of Bob Marley hanging up in our house – first in the living room, and eventually in the staircase leading to her bedroom. It was a picture of Bob singing at a concert, and I remember that he had on a yellow hat, and behind him everyone was holding up their lighters in the crowd. One of my earliest memories, maybe two or three years old, is of me asking my mom who the man in the picture was. “That’s your dad.” She never skipped a beat. Imagine. […]
  • garden growings: purple trainwreck
    Purple Trainwreck is about a week away from harvest! I couldn’t be more excited to share this strain with you. She is currently stinking up the studio in the best way – heavy grape and sweet berry vibes! And she sure isn’t bad to look at! Believe it or not, I almost threw this plant away about four weeks ago. She was budding out beautifully, but I spotted what looked like a pollen sack sitting by itself on a stalk. Then I saw a few more and vaguely remember a single tear streaming down my cheek. I thought for sure, […]