Meditations & Mantras for the Lunar Eclipse and Cancer Full Moon

Meditations & Mantras for the Lunar Eclipse and Cancer Full Moon

My friends! Just like that, another full moon is approaching, and this one is a banger. On Friday, January 10th not only does the Moon hit her 100% meter for the monthly lunar cycle, we will also experience a penumbral lunar eclipse as the Earth transits between the Sun and Moon, creating an (almost) straight line of the 3 planets.

It’s a full moon in Cancer, so this day is likely going to bring forth some big emotions. In general, eclipses are a time where something from the shadow is brought forward to the light. A full moon usually signals the culmination of something you’ve been working towards, or maybe even the conclusion.

It’s great to acknowledge all of you’re emotions as they come up this week, but also acknowledge where you can reel it in. This year is about working smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals. While the presence of your emotions is crucial because it can offer important information for your healing, the way emotions affect you is a different story. It’s great if really deep, possibly painful memories come back to you this week, but I would urge you not to lose yourself in the feelings of those memories. Instead, practice receiving the emotion, relating it to your current experience, and releasing it from your memory.

Meditate on your emotions as they arise, and if it’s possible for you, let this take place as organically as possible. By this I mean, don’t force yourself into meditation at a set time on Friday or leading up to the Eclipse. Instead, receive the emotion when it comes by taking a pause in your day to record a few thoughts on what is coming up for you, and why it might be coming up. How is the emotion or memory relevant to you in the moment? What are you learning? How are you growing? Who is showing up for you and filling your energetic cup? Who is depleting you? What needs to be eliminated from your life? What needs to be called in?

Since this eclipse is in Cancer, a common thread might be family dynamics or things having to do with home life. The Moon is going to be opposing the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn. ? It sounds heavy, but it doesn’t have to be! When there is an opposition in the sky, we tend to think of those planetary energies being at odds, but when they are opposed during an eclipse we can use that energy to reveal to us areas of our life that we need to devote more effort to addressing. This means we have an opportunity to discover some information about what we are communicating (Mercury) to the world (the Sun) through our professional roles and public responsibilities (Saturn), and how those efforts are transmuting our existence from one version of humanity to the next (Pluto).

This Eclipse is happening in the Cardinal sign of Cancer, bringing with it that insightful, ambitious cardinal energy. This means that this full moon and lunar eclipse is still a good time to set intentions around breaking bad habits and creating new, healthful patterns of living. This moment has the chemistry to be monumental, particularly in the area(s) of your chart where any cardinal signs live (meaning Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra).
Even if you don’t do a grand ritual, let your mantras and affirmations be strong and grounded in your true beliefs around the time of the Full Moon. Use “I AM” statements to confirm your presence and commitment to this version of reality. Whatever you are working through at this time, let it circle back to your creative roles and responsibilities to the Universe, and how you are achieving those goals.

Personally, I love to end my meditations with some declarations. To release, I offer you my favorite mantra, “I release what is no longer meant to serve me and invite all that is destined to be mine.”

If you’re in the area, please come by and join our Full Moon Open Smoke & Meditation from 7-9 PM on Friday January 10th. The space will be warm and yours to meditate in for as long as you’d like during that window. Unlimited bag refills are available with our Winter House Strain.

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