5 ways to love yourself through this Eclipse season

5 ways to love yourself through this Eclipse season

My friends! Eclipse season is upon us – the first of two happened early this morning, with the New Moon. This was a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. 

Eclipses happen when the Moon orbits in between the Sun and the Earth, causing part of the sun or the moon to be completely shaded out. In today’s case, part of the Sun is being eclipsed by the darkness of the New Capricorn Moon. The power of the New Moon eclipsing the New Sun is fierce, and this exact transit is one in a series of Capricorn/Cancer eclipses, which began in July of 2018 and ends in July of 2020. 

Capricorn energy is straightforward and hardworking, highly motivated by the material realm. A solar eclipse is a time to go within and honestly reflect on your progress in the area of your chart that contains Capricorn. A new moon is a time to set intentions for the next cycle – this can be more general or also focused in the area of your chart that contains Capricorn. (For a lot of us that area, or one of, is our Saturn in Capricorn – and Saturn happens to be in Capricorn right now so … it’s a lot).

What opportunities are coming up in your life right now? How have you evolved since July 2018, and what intentions are you setting now to live out over the next six months? This is a moment to make every single thought, hope, dream and goal count for something!

This Eclipse/ New Moon might have some of us feeling exhausted just thinking about all the work we think we need to do. It might get us a little anxious and stressed, especially if you tend to compare yourself or your progress to the journey of others. You may already be clamoring to set intentions, host your rituals and to make it all really, really count. 

But, honestly, this Eclipse wants you to cool it down. You’ve already done MOST of the work, and this day is about reflection, honesty, growth and prosperity. This Eclipse is asking you to take account for all your progress in an honest and loving way. 

Here are my five suggestions for getting through the next few weeks of Eclipse’s:

  1. Make time to rest – we are winding down on the Holiday season but let’s be real, you put so much effort in just to get to this point! Instead of stressing yourself out about setting intentions during this time, use it as a time to rest and organically reflect on your progress this year. Naturally, we are all feeling the need to schedule and organize right now- and that’s great! Pencil in your self care moments- naps, massages, weekend getaways. Whatever you can do for yourself to rest, do it with love. 
  2. Take a spiritual bath: This is a great way to cleanse from the spiritual impurities you’ve been carrying with you throughout the year! Take some time to intentionally rid yourself of old energy by taking a spiritual bath. This could be metaphorically through meditation, or you can draw up a real bath and put some healing & cleansing herbs in there. Personally, I love to meditate in the shower while washing with a bar of Florida Water Soap. 
  3. Cleanse your crystals (and spiritual tools): This is the perfect time to cleanse all of your crystals and whatever other spiritual tools you use for your altar, etc. You can burn a cleansing blend of herbs or physically wash them under running water. Cleanse them around the new Moon, so that they will be ready for charging by the time of the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse on the 10th of January. This is also a great time to burn any old petitions that are living on your altar. (If you’re like me, you’ll be burning hella bay leaves)
  4. Clean your room: I’m dead serious. Oh, it’s clean? Clean it again! Dust, vacuum, mop, scrub – whatever you need to do but make sure it’s CLEAN! Get rid of anything that you don’t use. Don’t allow stagnant energy to exist in your living space. Even worse – don’t allow dirt to live there!!! Treat your spirit like the God/dess it IS! If your physical space is cluttered, unorganized and low key/ high key stress inducing, your mental space is probably not far off. 
  5. TAKE A NAP! I know this one sounds pretty similar to the first suggestion but it’s SO IMPORTANT! Capricorn season is all about hard work and determination but at the end of the day, we are all still human! Our little bodies need lots and lots of rest to regenerate on a daily basis!!! I’m reminding you to give yourself that time and space to rest, because even though that may be the furthest thing from your mind during the next few weeks, at times it may be exactly what you need!

The partial lunar eclipse in Cancer happens with the full Moon on January 10th. If you’re in Boston, we’ll host an open smoke and meditation that night to hold space for anyone who needs it! I’m sending you all so much love through this Eclipse season and the New Year. 

Happy 2020! I am so excited to see how all of our hard work and intention setting manifests over the next 6 months!

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