2020 Vision for the Garden

2020 Vision for the Garden

Hello, friends! 2020 is here and in case you haven’t gotten the memo, this year is about to be LIT. Energetically and astrologically speaking, there are some big events taking place this year to help bring all our manifestations to fruition. We’ve been working hard for a few years now to get our mind, body and soul in alignment. This is the year where we step into a more authentic version of that alignment, and if we expand pragmatically we will access our abundance. There’s no time to waste, but also, no way to waste time! Every single thing you are manifesting right now is on its way to you!!!

And to the Garden! This year I am dedicated to working in alignment with the Universe, which means expansion and abundance all around! For me personally, this year is about using my voice, my network and all the connections we’ve made to help the Garden grow while continuing to serve and heal. I’ve already been feeling the heavy Capricorn energy which we will ALL be gifted with this year because powerhouses Jupiter and Saturn will be sitting with that sign for most of the year. This energy has helped me become more realistic and organized in how we execute offerings at the Garden, and how we communicate to all of you, our guests.

To kick this year off, we’ve got a brand new website!!! Please, go check it out! There is so much increased functionality and a gorgeous new layout! You will now be able to order edibles online, buy class credits, and more. I will also have an area of the homepage that I’ll be updating each week with my mantras and meditations for the week. This is where I’ll be most actively keeping in touch with everyone, so please check it out! My friend and colleague Ryan has been working so hard on developing this website from scratch, and he’s done an incredible job! I’m also so grateful and blessed to say that Ryan is my first official teammate at the Garden! He will be managing the website and social media moving forward, amongst other things!

You may have also heard that we have a new offering at the Garden! The Winter Supper Club will consist of 8 infused dinner parties at the Garden, with new menus every weekend! We are also available to host your private, infused dinner parties this Winter! This is such a fun option for groups who want to celebrate a special occasion or friends who just love getting high together!! Please check out the website for more information!

This is the year I want to commit to becoming fully licensed, especially now that social consumption efforts are moving forward. I can’t say too much about this just yet, but please know that I am working so hard to make the Garden a fully licensed entity. In the meantime, please help me continue to grow by spreading the word about this space and offerings! We have grown to a community of over 300 people mostly by word of mouth, and we span from Boston to Los Angeles! WE OUT HERE!! And none of that would be true without YOU! Thank you so much!

This year, I’m working on a book, because y’all asked for it! This is a life recipe book that will include infusions, vegan food recipes, skin care recipes, spells and MORE! It will be a high end production because that’s what I love to create, and I’ll be using the money I earn from the dinner parties to produce and publish it. Please support!!! This project is literally my heart and I know you guys are going to love and appreciate it, even if you have no intention of ever making one single recipe! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this, especially when I transition out to LA this spring to work with all my favorite creatives as we make this come to life!

And speaking of LA, you know I gotta show my west coast fam love! I’ll be out there for a few months and I can’t wait to do some classes and dinners with you all!!! Hit me up if you want to schedule a private dinner party or ganja yoga class in March or April! I’ll keep you all posted on my schedule once it’s a bit more defined.

Ok my last update for today… save the date! May 1st is my 30th birthday and we are celebrating Garden style!!! We’re getting HIGH GUYS!!! I’ll keep you posted, but the celebration will be in Boston and I hope you’ll all come through! Live DJ, weed on weed on weed, and whatever else the Universe sees fit!

Thank you so much for reading this and as always, for being a participant on this journey. I’m so grateful for your energy, and I am so excited to see what this year has in store for you!

What have you been manifesting for 2020? Let me know so we can energetically support each other!

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