licensing update (a lesson in equity)

licensing update (a lesson in equity)

I’ve missed updating all my flowers! But a girl has been WORKING!

I’m not going to front, the licensing application has had me a little backed up. It’s not terrible, it’s not impossible, but it does feel unnecessarily complicated at times.

So far, I’ve completed one of four packages – a background check. Pretty standard stuff. Still outstanding is a lengthy package involving community/host agreements, and a shorter package where I’ll outline my business plan. (Last package is a payment.) Some of the questions seem basic enough (i.e. “present your proposed timeline for opening”), whereas others have me going “WTF?!” (i.e. Documentation of a bond or other resources held in an escrow account in an amount sufficient to adequately support the dismantling and winding down of the Marijuana Establishment). That feels like a really complicated question about… nothing.

One time I called the Cannabis Control Commission to ask for clarification on a question and the representative’s response was, “You should call a lawyer.”

Oh. I should call a lawyer? Well, excuse me, girly. Pretty sure I teach yoga in my backyard babygirl, can you swing me a hint on which lawyer I should call? Because last time I checked, this industry was entirely emerging and ya’ll at the Commission are making this up as you go along. So, there are lawyers that have just been waiting on the sidelines, for Cannabis law to be enacted?

Turns out, there are! And guess how much those scarce individuals would like to be compensated? $500 per hour (insert crying laughing emoji here … times one million).

Well, ain’t that a bitch! The Commission is telling people to call lawyers, who are expecting $500 an hour. And isn’t it hilarious that said ”lawyers” are, like, former city councilors and shit? Wow, I love a good set up.

But this is no surprise to me. A few weeks ago, the CCC was patting themselves on their backs when describing the “social equity” program that they created to assist Economic Empowerment Applicants. But as an Economic Empowerment Applicant who should’ve qualified for the social equity program, I’ve not received one call or link to one single resource. (But, if you need ideas, let’s start with the lawyer situation….) And the most frustrating part of all of this is, if I can’t feel confident in this process, I know my colleagues who are trying to make waves in this industry are struggling just as much (if not more) than I am. That’s not equity.

It bothers me that the CCC was aware enough to acknowledge that a social program was important, but they’ve yet to follow through with actually providing something. And don’t get me wrong, they’re swamped over there – no doubt. But at the same time, if you guys have been so concerned about “getting this right” (swear to the Goddesses, if one more Commissioner is quoted using that excuse for something….) – then why wouldn’t you make sure the people who have the least amount of resources are set up first? <— THAT’S EQUITY.

No – instead they gave us access to the application two weeks in advance of the general public. Well, not access – everyone had that – we could’ve submitted it within a two week window prior to the general public. But that’s definitely not an advantage, especially if your first step was to call the Commission for help, and then you spent the whole two weeks trying to put together $500 to speak to a lawyer for an hour.

Obviously, I didn’t do that. No, I’ve been WORKING. This application will get submitted, red tape and all, and my self-imposed deadline is May 31st. Until then, I need you!

If you’ve been to my Garden, then you know how dedicated I am to providing incredible enhanced experiences that are rooted in wellness, positive intentions, and genuine love. Over the course of the next two weeks, I’ll be hosting community meetings and going on a signature campaign to garner community support for my business. I hate to give victims of stigma too much energy, but now is the time for us to show how proud we are of the love and community we’ve built around this plant and the studio.

This license is not just going to be a great steppingstone for my business, but it will give you, my guests and students, the chance to build the cannabis industry you want. I am 100% dedicated to creating an environment where you feel safe, empowered, and inspired, and I look forward for the continued chance to serve you at the highest level!

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