garden growings: purple trainwreck

garden growings: purple trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is about a week away from harvest! I couldn’t be more excited to share this strain with you. She is currently stinking up the studio in the best way – heavy grape and sweet berry vibes! And she sure isn’t bad to look at!

Believe it or not, I almost threw this plant away about four weeks ago. She was budding out beautifully, but I spotted what looked like a pollen sack sitting by itself on a stalk. Then I saw a few more and vaguely remember a single tear streaming down my cheek. I thought for sure, “This plant is hermied.” This is what happens when a plant gets stressed, it starts to grow male parts because it thinks, “I’m so stressed, I must be about to die. Let me make seeds so I can pollinate and make babies to carry my legacy.” See guys, plants are just like us.

Ok, seriously though – plants can get stressed from a lot of things, especially once they transition to the bloom phase. Light leaks or being too close to the light – which I knew, for sure, that this plant had suffered from – can both cause stress. If those sacs turned out to be full of pollen and ended up opening up, they could spread their male parts over to my other plants in flower. They’d likely grow seedy buds full of bananas, so everything was pointing to me getting rid of her, for the good of the crop.

But in the end, I got cold feet. I mean, who am I to play God? First, I put her in my mom’s indoor garden, no bloom lights or anything, just a window and some natural sun. But after 24 hours, that didn’t feel right. It was like I could hear her whispering to me as I walked throughout the house. “You know I need that LEC.” She was right, Boston sun has barely been a thing for the past month, and it’s definitely not light out for 12 hours a day. Plants in bloom need 12 hours of strong sunlight to grow to their maximum potency and size. I set up a new space for her, by herself, and watched her closely. I plucked one of those sacs and opened it up, nothing was inside. I plucked as many as I found off, and continued to watch her. (I also saged her every day and said multiple prayers of feminine power over her – dead serious.)

And here we are. Current status: straight goddess. Her colas are huge and her buds feel dense, you can barely squeeze them. She’s SUPER sticky, crystals everywhere, and when you do get a good squeeze and smell, it basically feels like you just dunked your head into a fruit salad.

I’ll keep you all posted as I harvest, cure and test her! This indica strain will be used in our yoga flow for candlelight and power yoga classes, so be sure to check the menu starting last week of February if you’re as excited to try her out as I am! This is one of the first strains that I picked out specifically for yoga, right after the first class in June. It’s an excellent strain for both pain and stress relief, as well as depression and insomnia. It’ll be perfect to end our classes with, leaving you in a state of euphoria and pure relaxation.

Check back here for updates as she finishes out her plant life and transitions to the next phase – healing.

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